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Through our innovative and forward thinking approach to product selection, in-house branding and customer service, Amrod has evolved into South Africa’s leading importer and brander of Corporate Gifts, Clothing & Caps.

Amrod was founded in the year 2000 with 3 staff members and 12 years later we employ a professional team of over 500, full-time staff, dedicated to making Amrod your automatic choice for promotional requirements .

Operating from an 8500 m2 head office in Linbro Park in JHB and with showrooms in both Cape Town and Durban, Amrod offers an exceptional range of products, backed up by deep inventory levels.

Some of the innovations and benefits that Amrod offers you include:

A 536-page Ex-Stock Gifts, Clothing & Caps Catalogue: 1 free copy per client; additional copies – R20.00 incl VAT

Our 2011/12 Gifts, Clothing & Caps Catalogue features over 1000 exciting, high-quality products and caters to all your clients promotional requirements, covering a broad spectrum of product-ranges and prices.
In addition to our incredible selection, we have taken heed of client feedback by including branding guidelines / product layouts for all Gifts featured in the catalogue, and we have no doubt that this will prove to be an extremely useful inclusion.

The following sections can be found within our catalogue:
  • Drinkware
  • Bags
  • Coolers, picnic & outdoor
  • Writing Instruments
  • Folders
  • Notebooks
  • Memory Sticks
  • Technology
  • Novelties & Give-aways
  • Executive Gifts
  • Watches
  • Personal Care
  • Homewares
  • Knives, tools & torches
  • Golf
  • Umbrellas
  • Keyholders
  • Pamper Gifts
  • Clothing ( t-shirts / golf shirts / work wear / bodywarmers / sweaters & jerseys / jackets )
  • Caps

We have added several new styles to our substantial and impressive range of clothing and caps, as well as many new colours of existing styles. All clothing is available immediately from stock, at competitive prices.

We are also extremely excited to announce that we have been awarded an exclusive, business-to-business agency for the prestigious Canterbury brand, which will be further enhance our offering of other flagship-brands like:

• US-BASIC ( our entry-level brand )
• PGA-TOUR ( licensed, PGA TOUR Golfing apparel )
• ADIDAS ( licensed ADIDAS Golfing apparel )

In-House Branding:

In line with international norms, Amrod incorporated in-house branding into our offering in 2007, thus becoming the only importer in the industry offering the ability to purchase and brand all gifts, clothing and caps under one roof.

Our conversion rate of clients branding in-house now exceeds 70% and continues to grow as clients understand the convenience, cost and time-saving of placing orders and branding stock at one point. Over the coming months we will be installing many new machines across all branding divisions, with the intention of dramatically ramping up our branding capacity and improving our lead times, with the goal of branding every Amrod product that that leaves our premises.

Amrod offers pad printing, screen-printing, embroidery, laser engraving and digital printing and heat transfer printing.


Toolbox is a powerful software programme developed with our clients in mind, with the aim of saving you hours when preparing quotations and presentations.

Simply installing the FREE Toolbox CD and learning how to use this exceptional tool will save you money and time, and simplify your daily workings.

A few of the features appear below:
  • Toolbox allows you to view all Amrod products offline, including pricing, product info and product layouts thus saving you the time associated with waiting for web pages to load.
  • You are able to extract all our product images into jpegs on your computer, all correctly labeled, thus preventing the need to call your Account Manager to email you pictures of products.
  • Toolbox knows the price associated with your Amrod Partner Status and does all calculations for you, eliminating the need to manually calculate markups, discounts and totals.
  • Toolbox provides you with the ability to pull prices for a quotation from a pre-defined price list you have prepared, simply by selecting that price list from a drop-down menu. Additionally you are able to easily create mark-up price lists based on our price list without any prior knowledge of excel.
  • Toolbox has been pre-populated with the branding methods that applies to each item, eliminating the need for you to refer to our branding guide for this information. Once you select your desired branding method, the correct price will be displayed according to the quantity that you are quoting on.

In a nutshell, Toolbox is an off-line copy of our website, which resides on your desktop, and offers many additional features. It is completely FREE of charge for Amrod clients and a real advantage over competitors for those using it.

For a comprehensive overview of Toolbox, as well as ordering your copy and setting up an appointment for our Toolbox rep to come to your office to install it and provide you with training, click here

Offices in 3 major regions:

Amrod has offices / showrooms conveniently located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

A Trade-Only guarantee:

Amrod is the only company in the industry putting our money where our mouth is by offering you R20 000 should you come across us supplying an End-User. Being a trade-only company gives you, the Promotional Company, the peace of mind that Amrod will not target your clients directly and thus compete with you for business. In line with international practice, at Amrod we focus all our energy on the Promotional Company, giving you the tools to provide great products and service to your clients – the End User.

An Amrod Account Manager:

As an Amrod client you are allocated a dedicated, well-trained Account Manager which means you have one point of call when dealing with Amrod. Your Account Manager is there to look after all your product and branding requirements. Each Amrod Account Manager has the backup of a PA to assist them and you. Please feel free to make use of your Account Manager’s PA when you are unable to get hold of your appointed Account Manager.

Amrod Rewards Programme:

Amrod offers an extremely successful Rewards Programme that incentivizes clients to be loyal to Amrod as their first point-of-call, when looking for gifts and clothing. Once you reach a pre-defined target, you enjoy the advantage of significant discounts for the minimum of 1 year. For more detailed information on this programme, click here
FREE COURIER of orders to Cape Town and Durban Branches

We offer FREE, daily delivery of Amrod orders to our branches in Cape Town or Durban, saving you time, hassle and money. For further details on this offering, please speak to your Account Manager.

A wide and deep range of stock:

Our range is backed by deep inventory, which gives you the comfort of knowing that you can quote your client with the reliable expectation that stock will be available.

Live Stock-Checking:

By offering the ability to check stock levels live on our website we have enabled you to do quotations at night or on the weekends as well being able to avoid the time and expense of making numerous phone calls on a daily basis in order to check stock.

Above all, from management to staff, Amrod is dedicated to helping you grow your business.
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